Just Call Me Shortcut

very specific thoughts from an Enneagram 5w4

…and you are?


I’m a directionally challenged running enthusiast, pilates loving yogi, fine art enthusiast, serial list maker, craft supply hoarder and dog lover. I laced up my running shoes in 2011 for a 5k and it quickly became my drug of choice. I’m all or nothing, there is no in-between. I am genuine and honest, sometimes to a fault. I am a big believer in the 40% rule… when your mind says you’re done, you’re really only 40% done. I am the best version of myself when I’m on the trails, pushing towards the outer boundaries of what we believe a human body can do.  I recognize that I am a “completer, not a competer” thus I prefer the mental and physical challenges of endurance over speed.

I spent my teen years eagerly wanting to escape Alabama. After spending my 20’s trotting around the country, I wanted nothing more than to come home. As I approached age 30, seventy-five pounds ago, I realized what an unhappy person I had become. I was guilty of self medicating in a vicious cycle of destructive patterns. I most definitely hated running but I was also willing to try anything to get an endorphin rush the natural way. I made the move home and this is when running found me. Huntsville is where my heart is the happiest. I spend my days working as an Event Coordinator at the Von Braun Center. During non-work hours, I am usually on the trails of my beloved Monte Sano . 

Never say never. Speak what’s on your mind. Meditate. Fix your own traumas as a service to those around you. Let your discomfort serve as a catalyst for change. Get up at 5AM and get to grinding. Fight the urge to do what’s easy and comfortable. Spread random acts of kindness. Call your parents. Speak to strangers. Hold the door open for people. Write in a journal. Learn your family history and pass it to the next generation. Try new foods. Drink good beer and eat the damn cake. Tell people you love them. Travel. And go for a run… it may change your life.

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