Here you will find the ramblings and musings of a directionally challenged running enthusiast, art lover, serial list maker, craft supply hoarder and part-time optimist. At times I can be funny and endearing. I not-so-secretly think my friends and I should have a reality TV show. Sometimes I’m sad and my love of running is a result of trying to combat depression. Sometimes I’m a sweetheart, sometimes I’m a smart-ass but I am always genuine and brutally honest. God didn’t build me with an inner filter and that’s ok. I am just as comfortable in heels and a snazzy dress as I am covered in sweat and dirt on the trails or in my garden. It’s no secret that I much prefer the latter, though. I’ve come to realize and accept that I will never be fast and I prefer the challenges of endurance.

I spent my teenage years yearning to escape Alabama and after spending my 20’s trotting around the country, I wanted nothing more than to come home. Huntsville is where my heart is the happiest. You can find me working in the Marketing department at the Von Braun Center most days and on the trails of my beloved Monte Sano during non-work hours. As for the running, it began five years and 75 pounds ago. I had always hated running. I used to skip gym class in high school and hide in the art room. I was that kid. It all started with a 5k and now I’m well on my way to training for my first hundred-miler.

Never say never. Speak what’s on your mind. Get up at 5 and fight the urge to go back to sleep. Spread random acts of kindness. Call your Mom. Say thanks to your Dad for that time he should’ve whipped you but gave you a lecture instead. Smile at strangers. Hold the door open for people. Write in a journal. Learn your family history and pass it down to the young ones. Try new foods. Drink the craft beer. Tell people you love them. Travel. And go for a run… it may change your life.

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